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bags of Haiti coffee ready to be shipped

Haiti Coffee

Taste Of Haiti Monthly Subscription

Kay Tita Ti Mache

Haiti Coffee delivered to your door.

You get:

  • Haiti Coffee Blend of the month
  • Flavor matched Askanya Haitian Chocolate
  • $25 donated to helping Haiti entrepreneurs in your name

haiti sampler blend + chocolate + donation

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Haitian Chocolate

Haitan Specialties

green haitian coffee beans

Haitian Green Coffee Beans

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Green Coffee Beans by the pound direct to you from Haiti. 

Haiti's climate, the growing regions’ mountain elevations, and the shade provided by the indigenous trees all provide the perfect growing environment for this precious bean. We are proud to introduce this coffee to you and to share the secret with coffee enthusiasts everywhere.

Dondon is a commune in the Saint-Raphaël Arrondissement, in the Nord department of Haiti