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the team at haiti coffee

Welcome to Haiti Coffee Co.

Experience Haitian Coffee

Haiti Coffee Co. provides freshly roasted single source, blended beans, and cold brew coffee. We source high quality coffee direct from farmers, roast and brew small batches locally, and enrich the lives of young entrepreneurs in Port-au-Prince. 

Why Choose Haiti Coffee?

We Love Our People

We're a Living Wage employer, meaning we pay our people fairly.

We Drive Change

We donate part of our profits to communities around the world.

We're Sustainable

We've switched to FSC-certified, 100% paper packaging.

Single Origin Roast

Medium Roast Haitian Coffee

Cafe Dondon

Medium Roast Haitian Coffee

CAFE DONDON | Roast Levels: Medium, Dark

Grown in the Volcanic Soils of Haiti.

A medium roast Haitian blend emerging from one of the oldest coffee communes in the Saint-Raphaël Arrondissement of Haiti, Cafe Dondon is nutty & earthy with a slightly sweet finish.

Incredible as a single-origin espresso, rich through every sip in a french press or pour-over, Cafe Dondon is a marvelous introduction to the unique & intriguing flavor of Haitian-grown coffee. 

If cold brew is your thing, check out the Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Every sale helps support Kay Tita and its mission to connecting resources, access, and opportunities to fuel the dreams and aspirations of historically under-resourced communities. 

Our Farmers

Meet our Haiti based farmers who help make Haiti Coffee possible.

Coffee Blends

bags of Haiti coffee ready to be shipped

Mexican Blend

Medium Roast Haitian Coffee


Haiti Coffee

Medium Roast Haitian Coffee

RESPE | Roast Levels: Medium 

Respe means Respect in Haitian Creole.  

A medium roast Haitian blend that connects the foothills of Sierra de San Juan, Mexico to Haiti. A flavor combination highlighting the best of both beans, with notes of chocolate & slightly sweet lemon.

Respè celebrates a connection between Mexico and Haiti that began in 1816, when Mexican General Martin Javier Mina y Larrea traveled to Haiti to gain support for Mexico’s independence from Spain.

Grown by small farming communities in both countries, with small batch processing at every step, Respe has a smooth dark chocolate flavor with lemony sweet finish notes.

If cold brew is your thing, check out the Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle 

find Haiti coffee at the konbit cafe

Visit Us At The Konbit Cafe

Haitian Coffee can be found at Konbit Cafe, at our window service cafe nestled in the heart of the University District in Seattle, WA. ‍

Ethiopian Blend

Light Roast Haitian Coffee

TÈT āndi laye

Haiti Coffee

Light Roast Haitian Coffee

TÈT āndi Laye | Roast Levels: Light

TÈT (Meaning ‘head’ in Haitian Creole) & āndi laye (‘Together’ in Amharic) =  Together we can go far.

A 50/50 Cafe Dondon and ETHIOPIA ADADO blend.

The Ethiopian Adado’s apricot, vanilla, and cherry flavors meld together with the sweet, nutty, and chocolatey flavors of our signature coffee from Dondon, Haiti.

If cold brew is your thing, check out the Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle 


all sales help Haiti

Impact Hub Port-au-Prince

From our profits, we enrich the lives of young entrepreneurs in Port-au-Prince. Haiti Coffee Co. is an initiative of Kay Tita, a community resource organization dedicated to empowering Haitian entrepreneurs and small business owners through technical skills training and by cultivating critical partnerships and impact investing opportunities. Kay Tita is rooted in work between Haiti and Seattle.

Brazilian Blend

Medium Roast Haitian Coffee


Haiti Coffee

Medium Roast Haitian Coffee

SANCTUARY | Roast Levels: Medium

A 50/50 Haiti (Baptiste) & Brazil blend. With flavor notes of roasted almonds, caramel, & molasses, Sanctuary is a medium roasted blend.

Honoring Brazil for historically & consistently welcoming Haitian people in search of better opportunities, Sanctuary represents the combination of award winning Brazilian and Haitian coffee farming communities. Hand processing at every step. 

Sanctuary’s creamy body makes an incredible french press or classic drip, with malted chocolate finish notes in every extraction.

Availability : Year-Round

If cold brew is your thing, check out the Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle  

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Cold Brew

Seattle's best cold brew

Haiti Coffee Cold Brew

Haiti Coffee


Drink Deliberately. Share the True Taste of Haiti.

Haitian Cold Brew Coffee Ready to Drink, Organic, Original,


Renowned as an Espresso base and prized by specialty coffee houses, Haitian Cold Brew Coffee is made with premium Arabica coffee. Naturally shaded and forest-grown, Haiti produces hand-picked beans that are medium roasted to an easy sipping chocolate and earthy finish.

We love our cold brew straight up no-creme