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Medium Roast Haitian Coffee
Medium Roast Haitian Coffee delivered to your door
Haiti coffee supports Haiti entrepreneurs
Haiti Coffee Medium Roast
bulk Medium Roast Haitian Coffee beans
Medium Roast Haitian Coffee

Cafe Dondon

Medium Roast Haitian Coffee

CAFE DONDON | Roast Levels: Medium, Dark

Grown in the Volcanic Soils of Haiti.

A medium roast Haitian blend emerging from one of the oldest coffee communes in the Saint-Raphaël Arrondissement of Haiti, Cafe Dondon is nutty & earthy with a slightly sweet finish.

Incredible as a single-origin espresso, rich through every sip in a french press or pour-over, Cafe Dondon is a marvelous introduction to the unique & intriguing flavor of Haitian-grown coffee. 

If cold brew is your thing, check out the Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

Every sale helps support Kay Tita and its mission to connecting resources, access, and opportunities to fuel the dreams and aspirations of historically under-resourced communities. 

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