About Us

Haiti Coffee Co. provides freshly roasted single source, blended beans, and cold brew coffee. We source quality coffee direct from farmers, roast and brew small batches locally, and enrich the lives of young entrepreneurs in Port-au-Prince. 

Haiti Coffee was founded with the aim to rebuild the Haitian coffee industry and to help farmers redevelop their agricultural heritage as one of the world’s top coffee exporters.

With the perfect climate, Haiti produces natural forest shade grown, hand-picked gourmet specialty Arabica coffee that is renowned as an Espresso base. 

From our profits, we enrich the lives of young entrepreneurs in Port-au-Prince. Haiti Coffee Co. is an initiative of Kay Tita, a community resource organization dedicated to empowering Haitian entrepreneurs and small business owners through technical skills training and by cultivating critical partnerships and impact investing opportunities. Kay Tita is rooted in work between Haiti and Seattle.

Contact Us:

We are at your service to help you meet your Haitian coffee needs. Please contact us for orders, fundraisers, coffee farmer education opportunities, etc.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Haiti Coffee Co. invites you to share one of the best-kept secrets in the world of gourmet coffee.