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Farming Information

Our Vision is to raise Haiti’s current GDP. to provide a pathway for Haiti to have a stronger presence in the Global Coffee Industry.

Complete transparency farm to cup.  Enhancing and repairing the direct linkages of the Haitian coffee value chain from the producers to the consumers (Farm to Cup) to increase understanding, product quality, and cash flow.

Reviving the historic Haitian coffee industry is adding value to the forests, improving stewardship of the environment, reinvigorating pride in Haitian farmers and Haitian products which in turn motivates development by and for Haitians.

We aim to use this page as a way to share more about our Farmers and to also create access to resources for the farming community. 

We believe a global increase in demand will lead to strong investments for strengthening Haiti’s coffee industry and repairing of the old infrastructure

Historically, coffee once made up 50% of the world’s exported coffee. ReInvesting in coffee production will increase the quality of life for the people of Haiti. Help the Haitians thrive while doing something they already want and enjoy doing, rather than forcing change.

Coffee is the second largest commodity market in the world.  Demand is growing, while supply is declining due to many factors. The weakest link in the global coffee chain is the farmers who struggle daily to produce coffee on limited incomes and limited knowledge.