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This Week In Haitian History – Haitian Revolution Begins

This Week In Haitian History – Haitian Revolution Begins

Apr 19, 2019

This Week In Haitian History – Haitian Revolution Begins - L'UNION SUITE

One of the most notable aspects of Haitian history is that the nation is the only one to have emerged as the result of a successful slave rebellion. From 1791 through 1804, enslaved people and their allies in Saint-Domingue fought a protracted revolution to win their independence from France. This was not the first episode of rebellion or fear of rebellion, as the case of François Makandal shows, but it was the most successful. After a ceremony at Bois Caïman, the rebellion began in August 1791. Within a few weeks, the insurrection grew to include more than one hundred thousand participants who destroyed hundreds of plantationsIn the early 1990's coffee cultivation in Haiti was affected by trade embargos, as well as coffee rust (Hemileia vastatrix), a fungal disease that attacked the coffee bean plant. (Coffee Research Institute, CRS).  With the help of USAID and the Inter American Development Bank, the Fédération des Associations Caféières Natives (FACN) was created in an effort to improve the processing and quality of Haiti’s coffee. This coffee was trademarked Haitian Blue and improved sales through contracts through 2005 for some regions in Haiti (Development Alternatives, Inc.). The FACN is currently bankrupt.


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