Book - Stories of Human Kind Volume 2

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"The spirit of this beautifully crafted series is an intentional opportunity to softly crash into people we would normally look past. The vulnerability of each author has left me inspired and hopeful. Their personal stories created safe spaces that gave me permission to feel and access new armor to face the challenges in my own life. No matter what story was shared or who was sharing it, I came to see that there was a piece in it just for me." - David Pierre-Louis, Founder of Kay Tita



Pamela Allen
Laura Bender Dempster
Kelsey Davidson
Hannah Irene Duffy
Melissa Godfrey-Sharp
Kristina Linden
Tiffany Marlink
Briana Stein



Pierre Stanley Baptiste
Nzingah Oniwosan
Castelline Tilus
Regine Zamor Jurgensen

“The four Haitian authors whose stories are included in the
Stories of Human Kind Vol.2 —Regine, Nzingah, Pierre, and Castelline—
have shaped my journey and given me hope.

Their voices are four of the many faint voices that I heard when I first began my work in Haiti.

They have been an integral part of helping me become clear about what I should be doing in the world. I've had the distinct privilege and pleasure of working with all of them in various capacities. Please enjoy the journeys they are about to share with you by purchasing a copy of the Stories of Human Kind Vol. 2”

- A word from Kay Tita’s founder, David Pierre-Louis

Kay Tita is launching The Stories of Port-au-Prince. 

The purpose of Stories of Port-au-Prince is to create a megaphone to amplify the faint voices that are rarely heard over the rest of the world’s narratives of judgment and negativity toward Haiti. It is an opportunity to get to know Haitians as human beings and not just a project or victims. Haitians are beautiful people who are more than their resilience. This preview is presented as a collaboration between Getting Unlocked Media and Kay Tita. 

a portion of the proceeds from each book sold goes towards funding the creation of the first volume of the Stories of Port-au-Prince.