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Our Partners


Kay Tita, A sustainable community resource organization that cultivates partnerships, raises capital, and facilitates impact investing opportunities in Port-au-Prince. 

Makouti Agro Enterprise is a diversified agriculture business and marketing cooperative owned and operated in Haiti. Established in 2004, Makouti has more than 1,000 producers of a wide variety of agricultural products such as honey, rabbit, coffee, chocolate, fruits, and vegetables. In order to cultivate the agricultural business in Haiti, Makouti provides equipment, training, technical assistance, and transportation for start-up ventures. In return, Makouti receives a percentage of the final product.
Partners of the Americas Farmer to Farmer Program provides technical assistance to local agricultural producers, producer organizations, and agribusinesses throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Through the program, U.S. agricultural volunteers share their knowledge on an individual basis to help increase farm production and farmer incomes while preserving the natural resource base.
Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA) connects farmers and sustainable food advocates around the world for participatory training and cross-cultural exchange to strengthen local, resilient food systems worldwide. Since 1997, MESA has sponsored over 600 global farm stewards at over 250 U.S. host placements. MESA proudly offers the only J-1 Training and Cultural Exchange Program--as designated by the U.S. Department of State--to solely facilitate a "share and learn" experience on behalf of sustainable agriculture for small-scale farmers and grassroots activists.
COPO coffee, founded in 2014, is committed to the development of the families and communities through farm regeneration projects that help to increase production and sustainability. We are creating jobs and furthermore embracing the idea of becoming top coffee exporters again.