Payèt Design

Payèt was created in June 2018 in Port-au-Prince, a company specializing in the production of decorative crafts. For the manufacture of these pieces, Payèt uses as raw material pieces of fabric and recycled wood, in order to preserve a healthy and habitable environment for all.

Payèt was selected in 2019 by the U.S. Embassy for the first program of the Academy for Women Entrepreneur (Awe), a new program supporting the growth of women entrepreneurs around the world. AWE was developed to support the White House-led Global Development and Prosperity Initiative (W-GDP), which is designed to enable women around the world to realize their economic potential, creating the conditions for stability, increased security and prosperity for all.

Payèt Design brings its know-how, expertise and concrete solutions to the various people who wish to reconnect with the mystical energy of their roots, their ancestral cultures, or with Haitian crafts.

Payèt Design offers three (3) services mainly to its buyers:

1) The adaptation of a real image chosen by the client.
2) Advice and support on the colors and images chosen throughout the process.
3) Production and delivery to other foreign countries.